Abb and Kala'

Abb and Kala'

Arabic name(s)

Abb and Kala'

English name(s)

Herbage fodder

Botanic term category

General botanical terminology

Botanic Term Definition

Abb is the same as Kala’; it refers to the herbage fodder on which livestock feed. It denotes fresh or dried herbage. It is pasture that is ready for grazing, cutting or reaping. The word abb may be used to describe all vegetation growing from the soil. Abb includes herbs growing in various environments, such as deserts, plains, valleys and forests. Abb and Kala’ are eaten by animals and constitute their principal source of nutrition. Just as man relies on certain plants as a nutrition source, he also depends on the meat of animals that feed on abb.

Botanic Term references in the Holy Qur’an

The word abb is mentioned once in the Holy Qur’an. It appears in the context of verses requiring man to consider the food he eats. Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, says: “… and fruits and fodder, for use and convenience to you and your cattle.” Surat Abasa, Verses 31-32

Botanic Term references in the Hadith

The term Kala’ is mentioned in may hadith of the Prophet. Abu Musa reported that Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: The similitude of that guidance and knowledge with which Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, has sent me is that of rain falling upon the earth. There is a good piece of land which receives the rainfall (eagerly) and as a result of it there is grown in it herbage and grass abundantly. Then there is a land hard and barren which retains water and the people derive benefit from it and they drink it and make the animals drink. Then there is another land which is barren. Neither water is retained in it, nor is the grass grown in it. And that is the similitude of the first one who develops the understanding of the religion of Allah and it becomes a source of benefit to him with which Allah sent me. (The second one is that) who acquires the knowledge of religion and imparts it to others. (Then the other type is) one who does not pay attention to (the revealed knowledge) and thus does not accept guidance of Allah with which I have been sent. Sahih Muslim, The Book of Virtues.

Other References for the Holy Qur’an

Other References for the Botanic term in the Hadithم

وذكرت ABB كلمة مرة واحدة في القرآن الكريم. ويبدو في سياق الآيات التي تتطلب رجل للنظر في الطعام الذي كان يأكل. الله، الرحمن الرحيم، يقول: "... والفواكه والأعلاف، للاستخدام والراحة لديك ولدى الماشية الخاصة بك." سورة عبس، الآيات 31-32 Wrong?

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