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utensils of pumpkin or squash plants.

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Duba’a is a kind of pumpkin or squash plant. Before islam people were using utensils (hollow pots/jars) made from pumpkin or squash plants for preparing alcoholic drinks. these utensils were named Ad-Dubba, Al Hantam, Al Muqaiyar, or Al Muzaff. With the arrival of islam wine was forbidden and people were not even allowed to keep or preserve nonalcoholic drinks in such pots, because after a while the nonalcoholic drinks would start to ferment and convert into alcoholic drinks.

Botanic Term references in the Holy Qur’an

The term is not mentioned in the Holy Qur'an.

Botanic Term references in the Hadith

Anas bin malik said Allah’s apostle said: “do not make drinks in Ad-Dubba nor in Al Muzaff at.” abu huraira used to add to them Al Hantam and An-Naqir. [Shahih Al Bukhari, the book of drinks.]

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