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Creeping plants of the gourd family

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General botanical terminology

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In general botanical terminology, Yaqtin describes the group of creeping plants, which belongs to a particular family of gourds (Cucurbitaceae). They may have either rounded or long fruits, such as pumpkin, squash, or watermelon. Yaqtin is also the name of a particular plant, Lagenaria sicerariaor, commonly known as the Bottle Gourd

Botanic Term references in the Holy Qur’an

The word Yaqtin is mentioned once in the Holy Qur’an. Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, says: “But we cast him forth on the naked shore in a state of sickness. And we caused to grow, over him, a spreading plant of the gourd kind.” Surat As-Saaff at, verses 145-146

Botanic Term references in the Hadith

The term hasn’t been mentioned in the Hadith.

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