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Tillers or side shoots of the same plant

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The singular form, sinw, is an Arabic term used for matching or identical objects. Botanically, the term denotes a tiller, stem or shoot from the same parent plant. The term sinwan refers to two or more trees originating from the same base, meaning that they have identical features, like twins. However, the terms ghayru al-sinw غير الصِنْو and ghayru sinwan غير صنوان are used to denote plants originating from different rootstocks, thus meaning that they are non-identical individuals.

Botanic Term references in the Holy Qur’an

The term Sinwan is mentioned twice in one ayah in the Holy Qur’an. Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate says: “And in the earth are tracts (diverse though) neighboring, and gardens of vines and fields sown with corn, and palm trees — growing out of single roots or otherwise, watered with the same water, yet some of them We make more excellent than others to eat. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand!” Surat Ar-Rad, verse 4.

Botanic Term references in the Hadith

Narrated 'Ali concerning Al-'Abbas; the Prophet (PBUH) said to 'Umar: "Indeed, the uncle of a man is the Sinw of his father." And 'Umar had spoken to him concerning his charity. Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Chapters on Virtues.

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