Conservation & Agriculture

QBG's Ex Situ and In Situ Conservation Programs

The conservation and agriculture strategy of the QBG has two main pillars; Ex Situ and In Situ Programs. The Ex Situ conservation program (Conservation of the plants outside their natural Habitats) of the QBG is including production of plants inside the QBG nursery. The Garden was able to increase the number of saplings inside the QBG nursery for the purposes preservation, educational and planting “Ghars” campaigns. The Garden is coordinating with the ministry of the Environment in Qatar to increase the number of plants of the QBG using the tissue culture technologies.

The Ex Situ conservation program is preserving the QBG’s plants herbarium specimens and seeds. Furthermore, the Ex Situ conservation program is helping in collecting seeds and herbarium for the indigenous plants of Qatar. The Garden is coordinating with the ministry of the Environment in Qatar and Qatar University to enrich the national seed bank. New Herbarium sheets and seeds have been collected for the QBG’s plants and for the flora of Qatar. Some seeds and herbarium sheets are collected for the purposes of conservation and for the information center of the QBG.

The In Situ Conservation program (Conservation of the plants inside their natural Habitats) is including an Ecological studies e.g. Surveys, assessments and GIS mapping, of recorded plants of the QBG in Qatar and those indigenous plants of the Flora of Qatar. The Garden right away is carried out a study to evaluate Ras Brouq biospheres reserves in cooperation with MOE and Qatari National protected areas. Also the In-Situ program includes restoration (replanting) of some important Qatari plants to its natural habitats.

Conservation and agriculture not only focus on plants but it also collect the botanical items for the QBG’s museum which will be inside the QBG’s building. The garden puts a plan for the needed items, and it starts to collect those botanical items in 2015.

During this year 2014-2015, the Garden succeeded to add more new 3 plants to the Qur’anic Botanic garden list. Arzah (pencil pines), Tofah (apple), Basham (Balm of Gilead tree) are the plants added to Garden’s master plan. Scientific names and references in the Hadith are recorded and to be added to the QBG plants.