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Farming and Ploughing Instruments

Najr is carved wood, a cylindrical, hollow tool in which grains and other crops are crushed. Minhaz is a hollow vessel in which things are ground. Hawoon is an Arabicized Persian term. The grains are crushed in it, and it is usually made of metal, stone or wood. Minhas is a hollow vessel in which things ground, just like hawoon and others, all of which are post-harvest tools.

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

Narrated Abu Huraira that Allah’s Messenger mentioned a person from Bani Israel who took a piece of wood, made a hole in it, and put therein one thousand Dinar and letter from him to his friend. Said ib Omar ibn Abi Salama, from his father that he heard Abu Huraira say: The Prophet (PBUH) said: “(That man) cut a piece of wood and put the money inside it and wrote a letter from such and such a person to such and such a person.”

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