The Herbarium and Seed Bank Unit is among the most important means of preservation outside the natural habitat for the purpose of study, research, education and rehabilitation. It is one of the main pillars of the preservation program in the QBG, and is concerned with documenting all types and botanical terminology of the QBG by collecting and preserving herbal samples and seeds from inside and outside Qatar, as well as collecting medicinal plant parts or indicating botanical terms, and educating the public about these plants and their related terms and different physiological processes.

According to the strategic plan of the QBG, the role of the Herbarium and the Seed Bank Unit does not stop at the plants cited in the Qur’an and hadith, but rather goes beyond that to preserve and protect the threatened plants and medicinal plants registered in the State of Qatar. This comes in line with the vision of the QBG in promoting its responsibility towards the environment. The Unit documents local plants by collecting and preserving herbarium samples and seeds and provides simple explanations to the public about the environment and the role the QBG plays towards preserving natural resources and the environment in general. The QBG also cooperates with all local governmental and non-governmental bodies concerned with the environment, to coordinate and cooperate in matter related to the herbarium and seed bank, as well as in the field of environmental awareness.

The QBG also coordinates with regional and the international bodies working in the field of botanical gardens to collect samples and exchange information and experiences.

The following are the most important terms and definitions related to the Herbarium and Seed Bank Unit:

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