The QBG arboretum is a large nursery designed to cultivate all the plants cited in the Holy Qur’an, the Noble Hadith, and the Prophet’s Sunnah. Its purpose is to ensure the plants are cared for and are fully supervised by recording the different stages of plant growth and their needs, monitoring the regularity of growth rates, monitoring and treating any irregular disorders, and combating any pests threatening the plants.One of the main tasks of the nursery in the QBG is to conduct agricultural experiments that measure the differences in the phenotype of plants due to the wide diversity of the types within the garden, based on quality of plant and its morphological characteristics.

It helps in accommodating more species within the arboretum, in preparation for their sustainable cultivation in the experimental garden and the permanent garden, both of which are part of the QBG. Not only this, the arboretum also helps to apply best management and care practices to keep the plant alive under various weather changes, in addition to securing mother trees, in order to obtain the required seeds and herbaceous samples.

The arboretum also conducts reproduction and germination operations for all plants cited in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, while documenting this information in a scientific referential manner, to be exchanged with national partners in the State of Qatar. It also preserves indigenous plants to support the restoration and preservation efforts of the QBG in Qatar.

About the arboretum

  • Area: 12750 meters
  • Geographical location:
  • Available tools in the arboretum:
  • Soil mixing machine
  • Foliar Fertilizer and Insecticide Spraying Machine
  • A group of high-quality pesticides and fertilizers
  • Metal shears for pruning and raising trees
  • Pots and pans of different sizes and shapes
  • The Arboretum’s relationship with society:

The arboretum is being used as an important educational tool for cultivation and awareness programs to conserve ecological plant species, as it provides a good opportunity for children, students, and families to unleash their potential in agriculture to save our environment.

  • The number of plants in the arboretum in 2018:
Annuals Perennial herbs Bushes Trees Other Total number of plants
2,200 799 854 2,407 0 6,260
  • Area of plants in the arboretum (square meters) in 2018:
Annuals Perennial herbs Bushes Trees Other Total area in sq m
1,086 945 1,056 2,312 0 5,399

Types of greenhouses in the arboretum

  • Greenhouse: It has an area of 450 square meters, and is used to propagate plants throughout the year because it contains various cooling systems, as well as a system to maintain temperatures and humidity automatically, a special meteorological station, mobile tables, and a mobile irrigation system that accommodates the addition of liquid fertilizers to it.
  • Tropical greenhouse: It has an area of 150 square meters and was previously a sheltered house for the sanitary isolation of infested plants, but it is now used as a habitat for tropical and subtropical plants and includes a desert cooling system with giant fans, a paper cooling plate, in addition to a sprinkler irrigation system that has been installed.
  • Small treehouses: On an area of 900 square meters, it accommodates a wide range of seedlings of desert trees and temperate climate trees. The heights of these houses reach 9 meters and are characterized by the presence of a cover network to protect plants from the sun rays in times of high temperature. These covers can also be controlled automatically according to temperature and weather factors.
  • Huge treehouse: Sprawling across an area of 3100 square meters, the huge treehouse is aimed at accommodating huge trees, such as tall palm trees, where the height is about 12 meters. The house is characterized by the presence of a cover net to protect the plants from the sun rays in times of high temperature, and which can also be controlled automatically according to the temperature and weather factors.
  • Student farm: The farm covers an area of 150 square meters and is used for the QBG’s educational activities, as well as for the cultivation of annual plants that grow in a short period of time.
  • The area of each greenhouse in the arboretum:
  Greenhouse Space
1 Glass greenhouse: 450 square meters
2 Tropical greenhouse 150 square meters
3 Small treehouses 900 square meters
4 Student farm 150 square meters
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