The Quran Botanical Garden is a community entity in the first place, as all of its objectives provide bridges of cooperation and communication between the Arab and Islamic heritage in agriculture, plants, preservation of the environment and society. Within the framework of these goals, the park plays five main roles vis-à-vis society: an educational role, a scientific role, an environmental role, a cultural role, and a recreational role, and all of these roles are closely related to public awareness.

Educational Role

QBG is committed to a unique educational program that produces basic and applied information about plants and topics related to horticulture, plant conservation and cultural heritage, and to transfer them to all schools in the State of Qatar, through various learning levels suitable for different age groups.

Scientific Role

The scientific program of the QBG includes supporting research and development activities in the sciences of the plants cited in the Holy Qur’an and their preservation inside and outside their natural habitats by studying the challenges they face and overcoming them. QBG also opens its doors to the researchers who conduct their studies on the vital properties of the plants, where we provide them with tools and the data that helps them improve their research performance.

Environmental Role

The QBG preserves the various types of plants mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet, by growing them in one place to protect and preserve them. The QBG is also keen to organize its own events, such as activities, campaigns, and multiple exhibitions for the public, and also participates in global environmental events, with the aim of enhancing environmental awareness and encouraging the preservation of natural resources.

Cultural Role

The QBG adopts the revival of cultural heritage as its ultimate goal. It focuses on the traditional uses of plants and their role in human life. It also considers sustainable ways to benefit from plants in the long term. The QBG collects traditional plants from all over the world to display them in its botanical museum.

The Recreational Role

The QBG aims to be the first destination for all family members, especially children, who will find fun and knowledge in its activities together.

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