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Medicinal and Cosmetic Substances

Basham or elderberry is an incense plant species that produces a balm.‎‎‎ The Basham is a shrub that grows in the mountainous regions on the slopes and in the valleys coinciding with the rain in Oman, but it loses its leaves.‎‎‎ On the stem there is a thin crust that gives a fragrant scent when rubbing it, rubbing its leaves or taking a branch from it. So, the branches of the basham bush are used as a fragrant toothpick that scents the mouth, and they are used with henna for blackening.The part used: Stems, Leaves, and Powder of Stems

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

Yazid Ibn Nuaama said that Utba b. Ghazwan delivered us a sermon and he praised Allah and lauded Him, then said: Now coming to the point, verily the world has been given the news of its end and that too quite early. Nothing would be left out of it but only water left in the utensil which its owner leaves, and you are going to shift to an abode which knows no end, and you should shift with the good before you, for we have been told that a stone would be thrown at one side of the Hell and it would go down even for seventy years but would not be able to reach its bottom. By Allah, it would be fully packed. Do you find it something strange, and it has been mentioned that there yawns a distance which one would be able to cover in forty years from one end to another of Paradise, and a day would come when it would be fully packed. Al-Tabarani Al-Awsat Dictionary

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