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Gum: There are so many species of gum trees. As for what is called gum Arabic, it is gum of acacia. Abu Hanifa said:‎‎‎ Gum is something that is released by trees and flow out of the tree. And in the proverb, it is said: ”‎‎I uproot you the way the gum is uprooted”, if you leave nothing for him/her, because the gum is uprooted from its tree so that nothing of it is left clinging. The part used: Gum (a waxy substance)‎‎‎

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

Ibn Umar said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) making Tahlil,” meaning: He raises his voice with the Talbiyah “while his hair is feltered”, meaning: felting of hair: It is to curl his head and put in it something of gum and the likeness of it. Let it be gathered together and burnt, so that the dust does not penetrate it, and the dung does not infect it, nor does it get lice, and this is needed by the person in Ihram.

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