Sa’a (half Sa’a)

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Farming and Ploughing Instruments

These are scales used for mgrains, liquids and the like. The people of Hijaz in the past estimated it to be four Amdad (plural of mud). That is the equivalent of a thousand, one hundred and twenty dirhams, while the people of Iraq in the past estimated it at eight pounds. The mud and sa’a were made of wood or metal, such as copper and others.

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

Sa’a and the mud were mentioned in the Prophet’s hadith in many occasions. On the authority of Abu Saeed, that, “We used to give for charity a sa’a of barley.” On the authority of Anas, he said, the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) used to perform ablution with a Mud and he would wash with a Sa’a, equal to five Muds.” (‎‎‎Sahih Bukhari)

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