Scientific Name: Musa X paradisiaca L. (pro sp.)

Arabic name(s): الطلْح المنْضُود / المَوْز

English name(s): Banana

Growth form: Banana is a large herbal plant.

Order: Zingiberales

Family: Musaceae

Genus: Musa L.

Species: Musa X paradisiaca L. (pro sp.)

Citation in the Quran:

Talh is referred to once in the Holy Qur’an. Talh is a kind of thorny trees or Acacia, but Talh Mandoud may be interpreted as the fruits closely arranged from top to the base, as banana tree. Allah The Most Sublime Says; “The Companions of the Right Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Right Hand? (27) (They will be) among Sidrtrees without thorns,(28) Among Talh trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another(29)” Surat Al-waqi’ah, Verses 27-29

Citation in the Hadit:

Banana is not mentioned in the Hadith.

Habitat & Distribution:

The origin of edible bananas is generally located in Pacific Ocean countries, but they have travelled with human populations to several parts of the world.

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