Scientific Name: Terfezia

Arabic name(s): الكَمْأَةُ

English name(s): Truffle

Growth form: A truffle is not a true plant; it is the fruiting body of an underground fungus like mushroom.

Order: Pezizales

Family: Terfeziaceae

Genus: Terfezia Tul. & C.Tul.

Species: Terfezia spp.

Citation in the Quran:

The plant is not mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

Citation in the Hadit:

Narrated by Said bin Zaid:I heard the Prophet Saying, Truffles are like Manna (i.e. they grow naturally without man’s care) and their water heals eye diseases. Shahih Al Bukhari, book of medicine.

Habitat & Distribution:

Truffles are wildly grow at Gulf deserts, they are form a symbiotic relation with the roots of several plants including particular genus of Helianthemum which is called raqrooq in Arabic.

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