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Botanical Terms

Abb is the fodder or fresh or dried herbs, which is a weed for grazing, mowing or forage. The word Abb is used to describe the growth of plants from the soil. Abb include herbs that grow in diverse environments, such as deserts, plains, valleys and forests, and which are eaten by livestock and are a major source of nutrition. Just as man depends on some plants as a source of nutrition, he also depends on the meat of animals that feed on the   Abb.

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

The word “Abb” is mentioned once in the Holy Qur’an in a verse that evokes one to think about the food that he eats. The Almighty says: “A fruit and Abb (graas); [As] enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock. HQ [80: 31-32]

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