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Botanical Terms

”Sinu” means conformity or synonimity. And in the field of botany, this term refers to branches that belong to same plant. The basic meaning of the word “Sinwan” refers to two or more trees that share the same root, which means that they have identical features. Non-Sinu are the palms and individual plants with separate origins that sprout from different roots.

Reference in the Quran or Hadith

The word “Sinwan” is mentioned twice in the same verse in the Holy Quran. God Almighty says: ‎ And within the land are neighboring plots and gardens of grapevines and crops and palm trees, [growing] several from a root or otherwise, watered with one water; but We make some of them exceed others in [quality of] fruit. Indeed in that are signs for a people who reason.” [HQ 13: 4]

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